An intimate, discreet environment designed to relieve stress and tiredness, where you can relax in a tranquil, undisturbed atmosphere.

An experience to share with your partner, family, or friends.


A space with comfortable chairs to sit and enjoy an herbtea or to taste fresh fruit benefiting from the tranquility of the environment.


The Turkish Bath is based on the principle exactly opposite to that of the sauna as it consists in a process that takes place in a room with high humidity ( 90-100 %), where it forms a mist temperature layered from the bottom upward increases going from 20/25 ° to the floor level up to 40-60 ° to the head and , once deposited on the skin, promoting transpiration . Sweating is so minor compared to the sauna where the heat is very dry, but since residence times are generally longer , sweat perspiring is higher and eventually you can lose more fluids.

Several benefits are:

– Improves circulation due to dilation of blood vessels;

– Promotes a deep cleansing and purifying the skin and the elimination of toxins and dead skin cells , making the skin more radiant, supple and soft;

– Creates a relaxing and invigorating effect on the nervous system , allowing you to reduce stress, muscle tension , rheumatism , and insomnia;

– Is useful to combat inflammation of the respiratory tract by making improvements, especially if alternating jets of cold water.

The session usually takes place in two stages: first you enter a room full of heated water vapor where you will stop for about 15 minutes.

Once out you do a quick cold shower .

There dries then calmly for reaccustom the body to ambient temperature.

Contraindicated when the organism is particularly weak in the presence of cardiovascular disease and cutaneous or venereal disease , it is not recommended to undergo the turkish bath on an empty stomach or too full and it is preferable to never eat an hour before .


For a correct and full effect , for best results you should:

– Before getting to do a warm shower , prepare for the best skin treatment .

– Drinking a hot tea to promote sweating .

– Lying down during the session to facilitate the movement . If sitting still maintain legs higher than the torso.

– Do not exceed 20 minutes of stay and pay close attention to the maximum heat tolerance , which varies from person to person . If you feel the throbbing temples , stop first .

– To be the most comfortable as possible, so naked or wrapped in a towel .

Turkish bath – € 40,00

Bathrobe and slippers – € 10,00


Formerly used for therapeutic and purification purposes, the sauna is today regarded as the best way to relax, cleanse the body of toxins and relieve general mental and physical stress, in order to regain energy and vitality.


Rules for the correct use of the sauna
Time: To enjoy the most of the beneficial effects of sauna, requires at least two hours and the right preparation! Sauna and haste do not get along!
Fatigue: In case of physical fatigue or stress it is advisable to rest for approx. 20 minutes before entering the sauna. The most important thing is to relax!
Food and meals: The interval between the sauna and the last main meal should be at least an hour. Under no circumstances should you enter the sauna hungry, if you bring the bread or cakes!
Preparing for sauna: Alternating hot and cold showers is the wrong way to prepare for the sauna, avoid it!
Entering the sauna naked: You must enter the sauna naked to allow the heat to penetrate freely into the skin and prevent the sweat deposits on the body. This may cause irritation of the skin or even eczema!
Activities in sauna: sauna do not have to strain in the muscles, exercise or similar physical activities that are good for the breathing and blood circulation, overload the heart and have no benefits!
Chatting in the sauna: sauna While it would be better not talk because, on the one hand, he labors circulation and, on the other, you disturb the other guests!
Timing of the sauna: Everyone should determine its own dwell time in the sauna. Depending on the frequency and the individual habits, we recommend a stop in the sauna from 8 to 15 minutes at a time. Make 2 or 3 stops in sauna, depending on your habits. 2-3 would be ideal stop in the sauna frequented respectively 1-2 times a week.

Sauna Single – € 20,00

Sauna cycles of 3 sessions with a break for tea – € 50.00 per person

Bathrobe and slippers – 10 €, 00 per person


The whirlpool in water is the ideal way to boost your energy, feeling a sense of total relaxation of body and mind.

Beneficial effects of hydro-massage
– stimulates the circulation
– reduces cellulite by removing impurities
– improves the appearance of the skin by increasing oxygenation
– tones the tissue and muscles by encouraging vasodilation
– reduces muscular tension and stress, through hydro psychotherapeutic action
– improves general feeling of well-being through stimulation of the soles of feet.

Recommendations for use:
– Not have hydro every day.
– After the hot tub to relax for a few minutes wrapped in a bathrobe
– Finally hydrate the body

It ‘should particularly debilitated people or those suffering from varicose veins or phlebitis avoid resorting whirlpool.

Hot tub – € 30.00

Bathrobe and slippers – € 10, 00 p.p


Ask at the reception and BOOK your treatment !

  • Aromatherapyc Massage- Duration 60 minutes € 70
  • Californian Massage – Duration 60 minutes € 50.00 €
  • Chocolate massage and facial treatment with dark chocolate mousse –

Duration 90 minutes € 110.00

Supplement for cane sugar scrub and chocolate 45 min. € 40.00

  • Royal Grapes massage – Duration 60 minutes € 70,00
  • Olive oil Massage ( olive flower extracts ) – Duration 60 minutes € 70,00
  • Relaxation Massage – Duration 60 minutes € 60.00
  • Rose Massage – Duration 60 minutes € 90,00
  • Cleaning and facial massage – Duration 30 minutes € 30


Individual wellness route

  • Welcome with a bathrobe , slippers terry , flute of Prosecco and fruit

– Turkish bath

– Massage 30 min.

– Hot Tub

– Sauna

– Relaxation area with herbal tea tasting

Total time 2:30 h – € 180.00


Couple wellness route

– Welcome with a bathrobe , slippers terry , flute of Prosecco and fruit

– Turkish bath

– Individual massage 30 min.

– Hot tub, whirlpool

– Series of 3 sessions in the sauna in the relaxation area with herbal tea break

Total time 3:30 h € 320.00